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Ratland (multilanguage edition)

Think like a rat, act like a rat, be a rat!

You are the leader of a powerful rat clan - okay, he's not that powerful yet, but your goal is to make him the most powerful clan in the whole sewer.

But the other clan leaders are also determined to achieve the same goal, and many rat mouths demand a lot of cheese.

In the fight for survival you can try to sneak through the sewers to your neighbors and snatch their cheese, or you can search the dangerous places outside the sewers for food, but don't be too greedy and be careful, because not every cheese should be eaten.

And be careful: Your neighbors are just as determined and might try to get back at you.

Can you manage to become the greatest rat leader since the beginning of the sewers? You can find out, in the depths of RatLand!


RatLand is a family game where you have to use your rats skillfully to get the most rats and as much cheese as possible. Each round you will have to weigh up how many rats are searching for cheese at which places, attack your left or right neighbour, defend your own cheese in the supply depot or reproduce in the nursery.

The number of attacking rats is compared to the number of defending rats; for foraging for food, one piece of cheese is taken from a pouch for each searching rat, hoping for good loot.

Each round is influenced by a random event in different ways and to different degrees.


For even more variety in the game, the back of your player tableaus allow you to play an aggressive rat clan, where the focus is more on attack and defense. This can be played in combination with the basic rules or as a stand-alone variant.

On the other hand, you can use the clan cards to give your rat clan a special ability and thus give the game a completely different look.

You want to play with more than 6 players? No problem! With 2 RatLand boxes up to 12 players can participate in the same game.

Ratland (multilanguage edition)

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  • 2 – 6 players

    30 – 45 minutes

    ages 8 and up

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