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Operators (multilanguage)

Your status: Member of a special unit. Your mission: defeat the enemy troops. Your equipment: bullets, knife, vest, helmet, money? We really need to work on the equipment, how is your team supposed to win the battle? Use the money you win in the battle to buy better equipment that will be available to your team. Operators has two game modes with three different missions each: Skirmish, Occupation of an object and Hostage Rescue. Each character has a different selection of items to acquire throughout the game, as well as two unique skills that give them special advantages.


Operators is a team game where up to 10 players compete in two teams.

Each of you chooses a character and you choose one of four game modes (Entry, Specialists, Object Capture, Hostage Rescue). The players facing each other will compete against each other. After deciding who will attack and who will defend, you will simultaneously take three tokens from your pouches and evaluate them (damage, armor, healing, money).

The round ends when the attacker stops the fight, the pouches are empty or someone is defeated. Afterwards the survivors buy new equipment from their tile. Depending on your chosen character, there are different options (grenades, new cartridges, first aid kits, new armor, stun grenades, etc.). The new tiles are put back into the bag with the others and are available to your team immediately. Now the next opponents will decide who will attack.

What equipment do you choose or do you cancel your attack before you have collected enough money?

Operators (multilanguage)

€17.99 Regular Price
€8.99Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • 2-10 players

    15-90 minutes

    ages 14 and up

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