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A Thief's Fortune german edition (inkl. Promo-set)

This game is only available in german.

Nabbarah: A city full of wonders and stories to tell - a shimmering jewel in the middle of the desert. You are a thief, always on the lookout for your next destination. You decide to sneak into the royal palace, break into its treasury and search for the legendary treasures rumored to be hidden there.

Among piles of gold, emeralds and precious jewellery, you stumble upon a chest with a mysterious hourglass. As you touch it, you are filled with a mystical energy and realize its true power: You can suddenly catch a glimpse of your own future. Different options for action unfold before you, allowing you to shape your future according to your own ideas. Unfortunately everyone in the palace is after you now...

A Thief's Fortune is a game with card-drafting & engine-building mechanisms, where each player represents a different possible future with the same character. By visiting different locations, interacting with local characters, and making sure that certain events you've seen actually happen, you try to find the path that takes you as far away from danger as possible.


A Thief's Fortune german edition (inkl. Promo-set)

€39.99 Regular Price
€14.99Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • 1-4 players

    45-90 minutes

    Ages 12 and up

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