World of Draghan: Sneaky Ol' Dragons



Many years have passed since the truce of Draghan, a day when both dragons and peasants agreed to live alongside each other respectfully. All residents of Draghan celebrate this anniversary with a race.

Organised by the folk but run by the old dragons. The race is to a chest full of treasure, the very same chest that was offered at the truce to buy the dragon's favor. The dragons now pit their wits against each other instead of the Draghanian folk... And today it seems you are a dragon... So you better be prepared!


Sneaky Ol' Dragons is a racing game full of surprises. At the start of the round, gather the best set of cards (by drafting), to best your opponents. Program the cards in the storylines of yourself and your opponents and see how the tale unfolds, step by step. Reach the finish first and leave everyone behind!

World of Draghan: Sneaky Ol' Dragons

14,99 € Standardpreis
7,49 €Sonderpreis
  • 2 - 6 Players

    30 Minutes

    Ages 8 and up

  • 6 Dragons

    3 Tokens

    110 cards

    2 large card


    2 bonus dragons for Once Upon a Dragon