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Stellar Conflict (DE/EN)

In an attempt to revive various sectors of the galaxy, the Alliance forces encounter a number of hostile races who refuse to give up their newly claimed territories. Such situations require military intervention.


Stellar Conflict is a fast-paced card game in which 2 to 4 players can battle fleets of alien ships and fighting to dominate a sector of the galaxy. Choose one of four peoples with their own strengths and abilities, which offer different advantages during to the battle. Now assemble your fleet of ships for battle. Each turn... different ships fire their lasers and use their abilities to destroy the enemy ships.


In Stellar Conflict, you will simultaneously play ship cards from your alien fleet in order to hit many enemy ships.

You can play the game for different lengths of time (30, 60 or 120 seconds).

After the combat phase, your ships will be attacked with their lasers in the order of their initiative fire. Enemy ships you destroy will be placed in your destruction pile. Along with the cargo that you have stolen or been able to secure on your cargo ship, they then your victory points.

Who will emerge gloriously from this intergalactic conflict?


The German rules for Stellar Conflict are from our pen and this is our first publishing product. You will receive the English edition and additionally the German rules and 8 cards with translated texts.

Stellar Conflict (DE/EN)

€11.99 Regular Price
€4.99Sale Price
VAT Included |
  • 2-4 players

    around 10 Minutes

    ages 10 and up

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